thorn in my pride



are you wanting inspiration
you spill your secrets on me
then you tell me with a whisper
of things that will never be.
do you hear me breathing?
does it make you want to scream?
did you ever like a bad dream?
sometimes life is obscene.



american apparel dress, vintage velvet cardi, uo tights, aldo platforms

relaxing saturday... slept in, coffee... black, cold and sweet outta my favorite glass, ventured out of the cave to run errands, cd shopping and thai tea.

love meandering around with my people and some good rock n roll playin

what do we think of music on blogs?



John Parducho said...

music always makes things better... I say do it.

i like the pictures... that's like a public storage you took them in, huh?

Ganymede Girl said...

Honestly I am not a fan of music in blogs, I always have to scramble to turn it off. Usually I am already listening to music so when I am looking at blogs it's pretty distracting. Also if people are at work it can be troublesome too though I imagine they'd just turn the sound off. I wish that everyone would make it so that it is automatically off and then if you want to listen to it you can press play and then check it out.

Shandi said...

i love your blog and music blogs are tiiiiiiight...:)