ninety nine cent dress

saturday was pretty... and a little breezy

went to Maya for the first time in a long time... i love that store. was in desperate need of nag champa (my favorite incense) and finally replaced my hoops that broke over a year ago :) i am a hoop grrl :)

ate homemade sandwiches in the car

got some really strong iced coffees at starbucks

my outfit shots didn't really work in this lighting, but i still think it's pretty.
i got this dress at a vintage shop that is down the street from my house... it's not really expensive, but definitely no salvation army. but they do have a 99cent rack in the front to attract customers... and this is where i found this dress. yes! 99 cents! it did need a bit of mending, but now it's ready to rock the spring. and i think it was made to wear with this blouse (which made it's debut in my last post)... what a find, huh? this combo makes me feel like a grrl from the 30s...

and this necklace was given to me by my momma when i was a wee thang... i love it... i normally am not into dainty things... but i love this little three jade heart necklace ♥

well, i'm off to do some sewing...

oh, i'm gonna have my 1st ever giveaway this week, so check back!

vintage dress, vintage blouse, marni clogs, vintage armani sunnies-old focals, three heart jade necklace-gift from my momma when i was a wee grrl


Ugly Cute said...

such a pretty breezy outfit


Lisa Petrarca said...

That dress is adorable and the blouse goes perfect.

It gives the feel of being stylish without trying too hard.

Alexandria said...

oh that sandwich looks so good. I love your shirt!

hannah and landon said...

99 cents for the dress? What an incredible find! You are beautiful!

Star-Light said...

I love this Outfit!

Clare said...

That looks like a fun day! And a yummy sandwich...

tweet tweet tweet


apparellel said...

so crazy that you mentioned maya. i used to go there to get my hoops (yes i am a hoop girl too) all the time and was wondering if it was still there. yay! and nag champa is my fave and the only incense i will burn and then i sage as needed. (=;

gorgeous 99 cent dress! you would be fun to go thrifting with!!


J. said...

I love the detail at the top of the dress! 99 cents? What a steal! That's my kind of shopping! And your blouse is such a great color.

Lucy said...

Amazing dress!! And so cheap!! Wow.. great job.

Mamushka Marie said...

what a gorgeous spring dress, and under a dollar!? lovely!
Mamushka Marie

naynay said...

cutie...you wearing this ensemble makes it priceless! what a find; "it" found you, ha-ha-ha! what can i say, it's in the genes! fashion"ately" and beautifully done ;)

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

99 cents!? What a find! There are few things more exciting than stumbling upon a great find.

Glam Girl said...

Nice colours!

The Beso Team said...

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kendal croix said...

love that red wall.