go for broke

linda farrow x charles anastase available at opening ceremony


Lisa Petrarca said...

Love the color & shape...definitely would only look good on certain people though!

Have you ever seen someone try to wear certain styles & just think, "That is completely wrong for their face shape."

You would look amazing in those however!

Me...not so much. Happy Friday Sabella!

rebecca said...

Charles Anastase <3 Love it so much!


Anonymous said...

these classic & attractive sunglasses seem to invoke somewhat metaphorically, the following, below:

"through rose-colored glasses"---

with an unduly cheerful, optimistic, or favorable view of things: see the world through rose-colored glasses.

though, not really realistic to ALWAYS have such a "rosy viewpoint" of life; it would seem, however, that we really should strive to have as much as possible, as "sunnier & positive" an outlook as we humanly, or, more truer, "spiritually" can, right!? :)

in this vein, spirit, a sharing of a personal poem, which i really hope someone might in some ways relate:

------ eyes(lens) of love ------

take a good look, all around
and jus' behold, gosh, if you will-
how with, "god's love," in heart
there is such this wonderful appeal!

to even, yea, life's plain and simple
and then, wow, you shall have the key-
to transforming, yes, all of your world
into a precious jewel, of wondrous beauty!

Happy Friday, Sabella! :)

Anonymous said...

So nice! Have a lovely weekend;)