not so secret garden

~i watched shutter island last night... pretty intense... and reallyreallyreally good

~vests and lightweight scarfs make summer layering possible

~i've been sewing a lot

~i need to finish my coffee because i am not awake

~i love summer

~i think i'm going to subscribe to national geographic

~led zeppelin has been my favorite band for a longlong time

~i repeat words for affect

the back sold me
last weekend i picked up this sally hansen nail polish (all fired up) at cvs which is an almost perfect match (red/orange) to my beloved ysl lip gloss (tangy orange 7). at first i wasn't sure if i was fond of the wide rounded flat brush, but i soon realized it was perfect. i was out the door with one coat and it looked great :) i'm all about easy as far as cosmetics go.... and really can't do nail polish that requires tons of coats because it is almost certain i will smudge it. sooo, cvs + one coat + fairly inexpensive=perfect. and the colors are great, i picked up commander in chief last night and there is also a deep plum i want. get them online here.
and i'm also really picky about what i put on my face... so this ysl lip gloss is perfect because there isn't an overwhelming taste or smell, it lasts and the color is just the right amount to make me look alive but not too overwhelming...
just thought i'd share :)
(vintage betsey johnson dress, second hand vest, miu miu clogs, scarf-tavin, necklace-axandapple, vintage armani sunnies-old focals, other random jewelry)


jemina said...

Sabella, I <3 your dress and I gotta try that ysl lippie, thanks for sharing your beauty tip darling, xoxo
PS: can't wait to see your finished sewing products, happy weekend, xoxo

inked said...

that dress! I'm not into floral that much but it looks romantic in a long dress. I love you in it.

TASHA B said...

great ink on your back ;)

Abi-Anne said...

Oh, I just love this maxi dress. So pretty and willowy!


Kimberellie said...

You are awesome, you are beautiful, I love your photos, I love your style, I love the FEEL of your blog. It is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for making my mundane afternoon magical!

You really do have a way of conveying the magic and beauty of life.

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE the clogs! And that red nail polish is such a great color!

Anonymous said...

Kimberellie said...

You are awesome, you are beautiful, I love your photos, I love your style, I love the FEEL of your blog. It is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for making my mundane afternoon magical!

You really do have a way of conveying the magic and beauty of life.

"amen!, & amen!" i don't think I've ever been in such totally absolute agreement (matter of fact, i positively, definitively, know that i haven't, lol) w/anyone 'bout anything else in my *entire earthly* life!

sabella, sweetheart, your "enchanting & breathtaking beauty" is almost "beyond words!" but, "my, my, my...!", i'll soon attempt to do so at least, somewhat, somehow ... :) <333


Darbla. said...

I definitely recommend subscribing to National Geographic. I have for years and have not once regretted it!

apparellel said...

that dress looks stunning on you, or you look stunning in that dress. either way you are freaking gorgeous! so... i love summer too, ysl lipstick is my fave, although it is a bit too fragrant for my allergies sometimes )=: and led zeppelin is my all time favorite band too!!
i want to see what you are sewing!!
thank you so much for the well wishes sweet one.


oh and i love to get inspiration from national geographic.

Anonymous said...

love this dress! &your tattoo


Anonymous said...

bountifully abloom in beautifulness!!!

sabella!, sabella!, sabella!- :)

how, "pray tell," can one wondrous woman possibly be --- ever so "utterly ravishingly beautiful" & so gorgeously lovely!? :)

as kimberellie suggests, with seemingly some smidgeon of an imagination --- and most marvelously, magically, fantastically --- one is truly transported from the "mere mundane & prosaic" to some "magical, mystical, magnificent realm of exquisitely exotic & otherworldly lovliness!" :)

"damn!", you're almost too awesomely beautiful & adorable, "dear boo" --- to actually be really real, and so very wondrously true! so ever exuding "dreamy romance" & "enchanting sexiness!" we are almost, not truly worthy... ;)

it's seemingly alike, this "divinely gorgeous goddess," realizing how earthly travails can oftentimes be rather taxing & trying --- lovingly chose to so graciously grace this most-times so secret garden with her "phenomenonally pulchritudinous presence" --- so that anyone bein' a bit still (...be still, and know, i am god{dess!}, lol) & takin' time to truly behold & partake a "mere magically glorious glimpse" (wow, and the "wondrous spell is cast"...!)--- might then be given & bestowed some "awesomely beatific vision(s) of sheerly heavenly & paradaisical wonder & delight!" :)

so sabella, "wow!", thanks for sharing, inspiring, & sparking such "utterly rare & stunning beauty," babe --- into our oft day-to-day, sometimes so, so, ho-hum worlds & lives (... what a lovely state of conciousness --- bein' fruitful with gratitude). :) <333


ps: soon will comment on actual content & particulars. :)

Christina said...

great dress && shoes!!

have a great weekend :)

Maria Tavares said...

Awwww adorable dress!!! So damn cute ;D

drollgirl said...

love the dress, the shoes, the polish!

i couldn't get into shutter island. sometimes i am too restless to sit down and watch a movie, even if it stars a cutie like leonard dicapricorn. :)

LaurenSchoon said...

This is a really cute outfit! I love the clogs!

Come check out the giveaway on my blog!

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

that dress is beautiful! the pearl buttons on the back are stunning! you look so beautiful but also grounded, like a true Taurus!
Shutter Island was the scariest movie ever! i slept with the light on for like 3 months after that... who am i kidding,i'm still sleeping with the lights on! Do you think he was crazy or that they were trapping him?
brilliant film

Constance said...

The dress is beautiful on you!

rebecca said...

Those clogs! <3 And I love your tattoo (:


Amy T said...

lovely dress.
and i want to start up sewing too, i just need to commit and try and learn. Its frustrating, i want to learn how to pattern cut too!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress!

Raez said...

lovely dress! great pics too.

xx raez

Amanda said...

i love your clogs!

Rose said...

this is lovely, so fecund

Morning Cloak said...

That dress perfectly frames your tattoo. I love Zeppelin too.. my favorite is Over the Hill and Far Away. What's yours?


Charleston said...

so etherial x


Emilie said...

Love your dress!

wobblinbetty said...

I love these pics, so relaxing!
and love love love your tattoo!

Keith said...

You look fantastic. That is a pretty dress. I also like the setting of these pictures.

rouli said...

amazin look!

love ur clogs girl!!!!!

keep visitin:)



Alecto said...

toooootally agree with you on the vests + scarves thing. i can only imagine how awesome that bright of a colour would look on you. that dress....is beyond gorgeous on you. perfect print, length, color...gorgeous (as are you!).

Royal said...

love the dress and your miu mius. I hated shutter island.

Anonymous said...

Great scarf!;)

Sasha B. said...

gah i love your dress. looks so perf for summer. yes..i agree. light weight anything is nice for summer.

J. said...

Such a pretty dress! The layering is perfect!
I'm a cosmetic junkie myself and inexpensive nail polish will always be one of those things that make me happy!