you make me smile

she is one of my favorites. check out my first inspirational sasha post here.

thanks for the smile sasha

via altamira


Grace said...

Such an adorable photo!

Love Grace.

jemina said...

this picture makes me smile too, thanks for sharing this babe, LOVE, J, xoxo

Anonymous said...

you're, essentially, synonymous with "smile"... :)

s -- sabella
m -- magically
i -- inspires
l -- love
e -- enchanted/everlasting! :)

Kate said...

lovvveee this photo.

You are adorable and so cute.

L said...

She's my all-time favourite model. I love how quirky and individual she is, and she's got the best smile!

Ria said...

Such a cute picture, it's all over tumblr right now.

Keith said...

She is so beautiful. I love this photo.

Constance said...

Love this outfit on her! x

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

She is one of my absolute favorites as well! Woo!

Jason said...

One of my favorite models. She's quite shy in person.