Alexander Wang Fall 2011

i don't exactly keep up with fashion week... but i know when i see something i like. and i definitely fell for Alexander Wang Fall 2011.
i am a huge fan of star wars... and really love to rock the jedi look.... these kinda satisfy my sartorial jedi cravings... with a bit of amidala mixed in...


Baby Budget Blog said...

One can always count on Alexander Wang!


Kimberellie said...

I can so see you wearing these! And yes, pretty awesome jediness!

heart: miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly)

Anonymous said...

...definitely lady/deargrrl "after my own heart...," as i'm truly quite the fan/devotee of both, myself! :)

yes, can most readily/def visualize you "smashingly, 'cosmically' rockin'" these outfits, as your stylistic sense seems really rather reminiscent of amidala's, as does your (understated) regal, romantic, & poetical nature! :D

now, invoking the "spirit of amidala" on this special day --- she was/is ne'er, e'er "fearful nor fretful" regarding "matters of the heart," au contraire, "def wondrously bold" --- my lovely deargrrl, in my most sincerest "jedi knight" amourous posture & bearing, "will you do me the honor of bein' 'my sweet, sweet valentine'!?!" "pretty, pretty please!?!" :)

hey, "true jedis ARE NOT too proud to beg, when it comes to 'true love & romance...,' ya know!? so, will ya, will ya, deargrrl...!? :D <333


fashion westie said...

Woah! How do I follow that comment? I'm still ont eh fence about this collection but I am intrigued by the graduated knit and those glittery pink pants called to my inner Barbie.

Anonymous said...

ps- forgive me, for perhaps uncomfortably puttin' ya on the spot, as i'm really not expecting some kinda public declaration (tho' would be wildly, bit mind-blowin', crazy wonderful!). :D

anywho, truly "happy valentine's day!", sabella. :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha!! These totally look jedi-ish!!!! :D :D Awesomeeeee

Lisa Petrarca said...

That last coat looks super heavy, huh? But I definitely see the whole star wars thing!

Hanna said...

Love this collection so much!! Great pieces!

yiqin; said...

I loved this.

Anonymous said...

Love these. Alexander Wang is always great xx

Violetta E. said...

it`s amazing!

thesydneygirl said...

I like the shiney bits!!!

have a great week! :)


thisiswhatidwear said...

agreed.. such an amazing collection