i'm almost not crazy


i'm almost not crazy.
this is 100% true
my bf will assure you
(that rhymed)
and i'm easily amused

so this was my first stylemint tee and i've since collected three more... soooo soft.... and the price is right. i am a tee kind of grrl and am on a constant treasure hunt for tee perfection. i think i wear one almost everyday. reallyreally (insert shrek voice here). most of my favs come from thriftstores because of how worn in they are and stylemint tees somehow feel like you've owned them for years... my kind of tee.

this sweater is one of my best scores off etsy.... it is heavy and cotton! yes cotton... what a concept huh? it seems to be so hard to find cotton knits these days... i don't get it. ohhh and the superhero-ness of this sweater puts it up there in the ranks... warm cozy and doubles as a cape? yeah! it helps inspire the crazy scenarios that go through my head as i walk down the street. yes, i am walking through a comic book or sometimes an alter universe... it really just depends on the day.

okey dokey.... soooo i haven't found THE jeans yet... it's just so hard to spend that much on jeans and not be sure (since i mostly shop online).... so i got the rag & bone hat instead :-/

i really gotta go now. dang my posts take me sooo l o n g


stylemint i'm almost not crazy tee, old chopped h&m pants, vintage sweater-jessjamesjake.etsy, asos scarf, jeffrey campbell nation boots, super old uo hat, clare vivier tote


Yuka said...

love the bag! the color is great.

rouli said...


Closet Fashionista said...

Love this! That scarf is great :)

Julia Rambaud said...

nice outfit! Xx

Serendipity Max said...

Love your boots. I always buy thrifted tees too cos they are so worn in plus there always cheap!


ASH said...

great jeans. I'm searching for the perfect black pair that don't go baggy and faded.

Lucia said...

amazing, i love your boots.

antonia said...

beautiful outfit!!!!love your boots and your scarf!!!!

greetings from poland :)

Halie said...

So effortless.

Une armoire Pour Deux said...

Your bag is soooo nice!

Constance said...

Love it!x

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer said...

I had an uncle that used to wear a shirt that said very unassumingly in the pocket area 'passing for sane.' I've often wondered where he got that, because I really want one! Yours is great too :D

Isquisofrenia said...

im the same, its really hard to find jeans but i somehow i manage, i just go to goodwill until i find the ones i want

Anna said...

love this outfit! looks so comfy yet chic!

A La Mode said...

I love your boots!

Anonymous said...

the colour is so rich its amazing!


BELLA said...


Laurel said...

Girl. You hair is looking super cool in this post. I also am mildly obsessed with your booties...

pink horrorshow said...

Looking laid back and just super cool. That scarf is so freaking cute.

kcomekarolina said...

you look so cool!
happy thanksgiving!

xoxo from rome

Isquisofrenia said...

hi, hi hope you had a cool weekend

Ashley said...

Loving this outfit, especially the Stylemint tee! I have just one tee from the site so far, but it's the softest tee I own! I'll def be ordering more :)


severiche said...

wonderful blog! greetings from spain xoxo



Anonymous said...

..."almost not," naah, you're (actually) craazy! :)

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Very pretty outfit!.. The hat and scarf are perfect for this attire!

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