top picks of 2011


here are my favorite looks from 2011...

as i was going through last years posts i realized that i didn't really do that many outfit posts and that most of them don't really convey how i dress on an everyday basis... i guess i find flannel, skinnies, tee and sneaks or boots unworthy....  hmmmm.  kind of odd as i obviously love wearing some kind of version of that almost everyday.  well, anyhow... i think it's kind of weird to post favorites of personal looks, but it was fun to go through last year and interesting to see what i find post worthy.  i also realized i've sold a lot of the things i've worn on the blog... so to go with the theme of 'so fresh and so clean clean' i'm definitely gonna try to only buy things that i love and not on a whim (which i thought i was already doin haha).  but i will say that i still have all the things worn in these looks :)  the first is definitely my fav... maybe it is because i was at the tim burton exhibit.  it was such a magical day.  that is definitely part of what fashion is about for me... feeling more me and therefore adventurous.  in a world that pressures us in so many ways... it is refreshing that something as little as feeling comfortable in being the unique human that you are is so gratifying.

to a great new year and future posts of me lying around in my favorite flannels :)



Urszula said...

Great blog! All the best in 2012!

Serendipity Max said...

I pretty much spend everyday in some kind of variation of skinny jeans, plaid shirt and a tee!

I love your 1st and 4th looks best :)


Six Six Sick said...

All great looks!
Happy New Year!

Isquisofrenia said...

all this outfits are really cool some of them i havente even seen

Sick by Trend said...

I like all of them.. amazing shoes :D



CheckMyFashion said...

happy new year! we especially love the second look from the right!you totally rock! hope your 2012 will be as fabulous as 2011!

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Analisa said...

I love all outfits especially your fourth one! Looks like a model off duty look :)