return of the solar feminine!

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so i got an anonymous comment on my tumblr telling me i dress inappropriately.  i don't really like acknowledging negativity.  or shall i say, i'm trying not too.  but really?  and anonymous?  truth is i don't want to rant on because i don't think it was a random reader, i think it is someone i know.  more than likely an ex.  i just don't understand why people follow people that they don't like.  and i felt like addressing that... so please just stop coming around here if i do things that make you uncomfortable.  it's pretty simple ey?  i mean i am not perfect... but how i dress is not something i worry about.  it's clothes man.  clothes that cover body parts that we have all seen.  get over it.

i am who i am.  i am happy with who i am and if you aren't please spare yourself the hatred and go take a walk in a garden or a park or the mountains... it really will make you feel better than looking at something that bugs you.

in the end... do you really think it's ok to tell someone how to dress?  if so, we are from entirely different tribes.  

in other news, i got an amazing piece from tunnel vision's once a month 50% off new product sale!  i'm so stoked.  i normally just shop goodwill and scour ebay and etsy for super deals but every once in a while i splurge (they make it tons easier with that sick discount). i've learned to be pretty selective and wait for those special items :)  it was sooo hard because i wanted so many things from their recent product update including this amazing dress and this jacket that are both still available!  like the t.v. facebook to get the code the day they update!  ohhh and check out the latest lookbook west end girls.  it's stunning.

ohhh and ladies... read this.  return of the solar feminine!  

wearing bravegrrl renewed top-available here, old levi cutoffs, miu miu shoes-ebay sooooo olllld, same old jewelry, disc necklace-goodwill


Angelina said...

Ugh I hate when people try to dictate what others wear. Like DUDE seriously. It's their choice. Also, 'inappropriate' is SUCH a subjective term. BESIDES your shirt is kind of awesome. I love all the detailing on it :)

rouli said...

amazin top!


katieanne said...

1- return of the solar feminine: so true and fascinating, no? there ARE signs everywhere.
2-love this piece. super pretty. as are you!
3- i have zero patience for negativity. lately i've done a purge of people and things (even jobs) that ultimately became a poison in my life. feels great! life is too short. right? there comes a point in life when you are happy being you and that is enough. some people really just SUCK.


Zoë Kate said...

There is no such thing as dressing inappropriately. Only in a way that makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, and other people comfortable or uncomfortable. Guess which one I think you should care about? Haha. Screw that person! YOU ARE AWESOME. I adore your style!!! This top/dress is fantastic!


jacci stallone said...

this purple dress is beautiful! and also, "inappropriate" for who?? as long as it's appropriate for YOU then it is totally appropriate.

Dress and Dish said...

I love that tunic. So pretty!

Fabrizia said...

Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
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rachel//arielle said...

I always find a little humor in people who will make negative comments on the internet anonymously. Like, show some backbone if you're going to insult, right? Thats lame, and I can assure you that you dress wonderfully.

KERRIN said...

LOVE the picture with the moon. purple is always perfect. xx

Kelsey Jones said...

Man I so do not understand people. I mean I dress really modestly for personal and religious reasons but it's my choice and I don't expect other people to dress like that. How anyone dress is there own choice and no one should be offended by that. Seriously who cares if someone wants to walk around in the buff then more power to them. That's how I see it anyway. So yeah your top is beyond perfection! I kinda had a heart attack when I saw it lol.

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm having a giveaway now if you are interested -- keep up the beautiful blog! :)


Isabel Spectre said...

yes yes yes. awkward when people comment things that are negative, especially when they are passive aggressive about it/anonymous. WHATEVA THO CUZ YOU LOOK SICK AND YOU KNO IT BB! I cant wait for toniiiight! :) you rock. so much. also, tunnel vision items you like. HELL YES. love. (duh, whats not to love there?)

Isquisofrenia said...

ah, ignore them.blah jealous of you and your greatness

antonia said...

love your top and u look amazing in this coiff!!

great from Poland and thanx for your nice comment :)



FashionJazz said...

Love your outfit :) xx

Anonymous said...

That color is amazing on you <3

I am giving away a crystal necklace from Dixi, enter the giveaway HERE :)

Anonymous said...

Cool look! love the color!


Kisses from Italy


Eva said...

I love your purple tunic, so pretty! I'm usually a thrift/sale girl too. That Venus Transit info was awesome! I looked at the sun when it was happening the other day, but I couldn't see any dot. Maybe in the afterlife!

Love your blog, following!
xx Eva

Jess said...

love the top, you look like a hippy witch :) and nahhhh, what does dressing "inappropriate" even mean?? you look rad xx

Elisabeth Isabelle said...

great blouse!! i like your style!

Shevah said...

that top is the most perfect thing ever.

i can't believe someone told you you dress inappropriately. stupid. people always have an opinion. screw them.


Liana said...

omg i am so in love with that top, everything about it is perfect! and what the fuck, who the hell leaves comments like that? god people piss me off so much, i like how they can hide behind an anonymous comment and act tough but don't have the balls to say who they are, how pathetic...this post is perfect, you totally rock :)


yuma said...

oh that's beautiful color top:) love that so much!
and your blog is lovely♡

Yuka said...

augh really?? im like so upset for you. no one should tell you how to dress or comment on the way you dress. just keep doing your thing girl. <33

Alice {the CosmicCollage} said...

I hate it when people waste their time being negative, lame. You're perfect as you are. Pretty shirt!!

Anonymous said...

this violet kaftan is fabulous!

trouble.in.paradise said...

i deffs don't think that you dress inappropriately.don't listen to people who have nothing better to do than put others down. you look great! i love that top :)

Anonymous said...

super cute

Violet E. said...

awesome <3

Emily said...

Okay, first of all, you do NOT dress inappropriately. Maybe for Amish standards. And even if you did, who cares? People shouldn't get offended by you showing off that cute figure. **grumble** Anyway, your outfit is super cute! I love the sleeves on that blouse.

May the force be with you.

Halie said...

Killer top.

Constance said...

Love this outfit!



LPFashionPhilosophy said...

Ah-mazzzzing. Love the whole look. The purple is really stunning on you!

ox from NYC!


Severine said...

Gorgeous, youre looking amazing !

Thank you so much for that awesome blouse ! I tried to find your email, but couldnt find it on here. I have been so busy with school, I havent gotten much of a chance to catch up with things. But THANK YOU I just love it :) xxx