thai tea, two teas, please

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wearing vintage dress c/o undead dandy, vintage lei shoes-little raisin vintage, stud collar-fitch bace

this is very The Craft isn't it?  that wasn't intentional... wellll, witchy & 90s are both up there on the bravegrrl aesthetic pyramid.  i wore dresses like this to every high school event that was formal/semi-formal.  with a pair of docs of course.  maybe i'll dig up some old pix some day and show y'all my steez...

the dress is from my newest sponsor undead dandy.  audrey is soooo awesome and her shop is filled with thrift finds with a 90s gothy vibe... sooooo perfect.  and everything is very affordable.
check out her shop xo

here are some of my favorite items(click on the pic to shop)...  someone really needs to buy them before i break down...

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on a real note (i can really only write about clothes so much.  i prefer to touch, cut, dye & take them on burrito adventures) you must read madelines' new post here.  it is necessary.  she really is unbelievably awesome at spreading knowledge and empowering other grrls.  in a recent post she wrote something that perfectly describes how i feel about my new grrlyfriendzz
isabel, seaghna, rachel, brit, madeline, casey & selena
annnd larissa... we need to hang again grrl.

"Being surrounded by a positive community of smart badass women does wonders for the soul, especially given how eager society is to encourage women to hate each other in some bizarre pursuit of male attention. For all of you who fall into the 13-17 year old demographic, there's a moral in this story. If you find yourself intimidated by someone who's hot and badass and smart and talented and stuff, don't get jealous. Get friendly."

~madeline pendleton




Great poses, you have a real grace about you in all your pictures.
Love the message your girl has written! You gotta love your sistas!
And I am all about that last top pictured in the etsy store. Amazing.

Magnet said...

I loove the dress you're wearing, what a nice new sponsor you have :) Madeline's post is great, I plan to reference it in a post of my own as well. When I can actually bring myself to actually do it. I've been watching that choker you're wearing on etsy!

Angelina said...

Dude your dress. It just does it for me. :O I want to take all of my clothing on burrito adventures duh. Damn I just want a burrito now. Okay but actually though you look AWESOME.

rachel//arielle said...

I LOVE YOU. and yes that madeline quote is fucking perfect. so lets get friendly again soon.

Isabel Hendrix said...

your outfiiiiit, youuuuu are perfect. duh. already knew that.

madeline sums everything up so eloquently, the way I only wish I could sound.

I love you.


Brit Nason said...

you're perfect. please come over soon, you're very very very missed. <3

naivebones said...

crushed velvet is the shit! xoxox
naivebones.blogspot.com ^.^

Andrea Wanstall said...

Mmmmmm I love velvet!!!!


Shevah said...

gah you are perfect. this is perfect. ilu.

(ps - buy the hellbounds. they were made for you)


ivette said...

she seems like a cool gal.. I'm checking up her blog right now.. and btw.. loving the witchy 90s look... I'm dying for the cold season to arrive so I can start wearing some velvet as well

Yuka said...

yup i totally get the craft vibe from this outfit. which means its fantastic!

aww you guys are all great. love what madeline said about getting friendly instead of getting caddy.

Ilona de Vries said...

Love the shoes, necklace and leather skirt! ^_^


J. said...

I love velvet time of year! Nice! (And love the quote...so real...)

Miss Iffa said...

That dress is just incredible, it looks like it was made for you! You have a killer sense of style, and you're seriously hauntingly beautiful! I'm really happy I just stumbled across your blog, I'm definitely a new follower! Looking forward to reading your future posts :)


morganvsmorgan said...

Those shoes!!!
Amazing, i want them. I'm trying to force myself not to check out that store right now -- way too broke for all those goodies!

Luce said...

Your style is mega! Glad I stumbled across your blog!


Simona said...

You look so cool darling! Love your shoes so much!:)

Margaret said...

You're so pretty it's depressing!
Amazing look <3

Pastime Bliss said...

Your pictures are just so great. Love the whole 90's look, especially your shoes. It's very 'the craft' indeed.

Lola x

sydnasty said...

that dress and collar are ugh perfect!

Poppy Lee Jones said...

the velvet dress looks so amazing on you, love your style! great post! xx


Leann said...

This colour looks AMAZING on you!! And the fabric.. ugh. don't you just wanna pet yourself all the time (ok.. weiiirddd)?!

x Leann