little raisin

bummed burrito grrl weeps streamed consciousness 
bubbling lava brain madness in tropical minis and knee socks 
knee socks forever and ever late night noodle salads cure her always 
goin going dreamy times 
scifi lovers smile in her as she conquers the bind 
with her broken mind

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wearing vintage dress c/o little raisin vintage, choker-ftichbace, vintage sunnies-ole focals, beanie-stolen from bf, socks-aa, boots-retrovintage123, ring-gift from my lil grrl

REALLY love this dress from my favorite etsy shop little raisin vintage.  you should check it out... amazing vintage at affordable prices with a specialty in 90s gear... yes, right up my alley :)
here are a few other tropical dresses from little raisin that i'm loving, click on the photos to shop

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Shevah said...

hi hi hi hi hi. you're my favorite person.


J. said...

How it should be worn of course...
I've had this "interesting" Hawaiian dress in my fabric box that I've intended to deconstruct in some way...I sort of want to wear it now...

Angelina said...

waaat your little poem writing thing is so good. bummed burrito grrl. yes.

i loooove your dress and i so wish we'd met up in LA! but ya know, shit happens, things don't work out, it's all cool. YOU STILL ROCK <3

Nina Gonzalez said...

i think there's only a few people who can pull this look off and look good, and you're one of 'em!

love the rock/grunge/hippy vibe i'm getting from your blog. it's all peace n love!XO

Anthea Lau said...

i totally love this style! your OTK socks and dress looks super amazing! and that beanie is so cool!
would you like to follow each other?

Anonymous said...

love this!!

Halie said...

Oh the tropics...you make me want to get away.

Milex said...

I adore it so much.

B. said...

Great outfit!