now i want cherries in a large plastic cup in the center console while i d r i v e

 photo IMG_1579_zpsff55cf72.jpg  photo IMG_1586_zps2d878720.jpg  photo IMG_1591_zps96e7462f.jpg  photo IMG_1624_zpsce85a53b.jpg  photo IMG_1660_zps11a2ac66.jpg  photo IMG_1663_zps3059d32f.jpg

wearing thrifted top, bag and diyed overalls, boots-etsy, sunnies-target, lipstick- i am sin in bing cherry

not ready for summer to end.  oooh it's ended.  augh.  i need to squeeze in a few trips to the beach which is highly unlikely considering my full plate.  sometimes i just wanna drive.  ok, i lie. i always wanna drive.  road trippn.  this is how people go crazy yo.


Halie said...

Ohhh, you're so fab.

Ulrikke Eleonora said...

glasses are cool as f

Lisa Petrarca said...

YAY...overalls!! I've been saving my fav pair to wear once they came back in style. Time to break them out again...WOO HOO!!!

Milex said...

you know what you're doing!

J. said...

Yeah, summer is over.
You look amazing and Your legs are incredible!

Anonymous said...

what a beauty!