beach daze

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wearing cheap monday broadband bikini top still available here in here in limited sizes, nastygal cruz bikini bottom, ollld jet by john eshaya cardigan, topshop tank, chucks, unif shadys from dollskill, vanessa mooney necklace & thrifted messenger

first beach day this summer... first of many

somehow i just feel more me in open air

lovin this bikini top... if you don't want your top coming off when you dive in this one is great... and the bottoms well... yeah i kinda just love them...  super comfy and they also come in red and mint.  yay for odd tan lines :)  annnd i love these unif sunglasses... definitely want them in black as well now.  my summer staples are quickly coming together...


oooooh also been listing lots of new stuff in the shoppe


the hop

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wearing secondhand blouse, jacket & mary janes and deadly dames capri pants

flashback to a few weeks ago... good times at the car hop :)  it's one of my favorite things... walking around and ending the night with a root beer float!

it's a fun thing to do if you don't have plans on a friday night and are near burbank... love bob's!


big huge pockets are da bees knees

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wearing bravegrrl reconstructed dress, bad vibes hell on wheels shorts, foot traffic socks from sockdreams and vintage mary janes from goodwill.  ohh and necklace from my bb grrl

i sewed for the first time in a long long time.  and i'm pretty happy with the outcome.  this dress is now available in my shop 


Monster GrrL

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 photo 08f33e26-b123-4cee-9392-e0507302e09b_zps422c9fca.jpg  photo d70d0985-e4a3-4c2f-943f-0e241f04242b_zpseab38f86.jpg  photo 7c9c5743-a41b-4bb3-985e-97bf938d5a47_zpsf758d7ad.jpg

super excited for my first t-shirts!!!!  click the pix above to shop! or just head over to my shoppe :)

hair pieces by my grrl Christina Tafoya-Esquibel who makes some amazing dia de los muertos inspired accessories 
here is her etsy shop and her facebook


now i want cherries in a large plastic cup in the center console while i d r i v e

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wearing thrifted top, bag and diyed overalls, boots-etsy, sunnies-target, lipstick- i am sin in bing cherry

not ready for summer to end.  oooh it's ended.  augh.  i need to squeeze in a few trips to the beach which is highly unlikely considering my full plate.  sometimes i just wanna drive.  ok, i lie. i always wanna drive.  road trippn.  this is how people go crazy yo.


she was just a wish

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vintage blouse-goodwill, demonia's-ebay

sometimes there is more in less


summer sprinkles

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wearing yin yang sweater c/o joyce strangeway knitwear, plaid skirt & bag-goodwill, slouchy socks-sockdreams, vintage boots-etsy, choker-lockhart

trying to find the yin to the yang...

this sweater is awesome

dusk is my time


what goes up may not come down

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wearing aa leggings&vintage boots-ebay, vintage mesh tank-meowmeowz!, dimepiece hoodie

sometimes walking around before the world is awake is just what the soul needs...

changes my perspective a bit.  places live too and i forget their stories when i only take part in the hustle hustle bustle of it all.


Check it! new stuff up in da shoppe!

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new stuff up in my shoppe :)  all crop tees are $20 with free domestic shipping!

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resolution in white

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wearing vintage dress & mesh shirt-goodwill, vintage necklace-etsy, vintage boots-ebay, knee socks-sockdreams

sometimes.  shit gets real.  chunky boots help.