vintage poncho-etsy, zara shift dress (underneath)-ebay, american apparel thigh-highs, aldo platforms-ebay

i had a great thanksgiving
cooked lots

this photo is a bit over brightened/contrasted but the lighting was awful...

i love ponchos
this is one of my favorites

i have never gone shopping on black friday
i do most of my shopping on the net

i love my new haircut
it's easy

i am moving... well actually i'm pretty much done moving
change is good
it's in the same complex so it wasn't a hard move
but it's like a cave... so the sunlight won't be waking me at the crack of dawn
and my patio is bigger and will allow for a chair and some outdoor reading...
and some plants :D

off to ebay....



frances said...

this is hot, you are hot, ponchos are now hot x

Valencia Lia said...

ponchos are really so beautiful and right now,I'm actually waiting for a poncho from F21 I recently bought!!

Exciting and yours is so so lovely:) I do really love it a lot<3

JOWY said...


One Love,

divine bunny said...

cool poncho

C.Chico said...

that poncho is great! i love the colors, looks good

Ashley said...

I love ponchos too! F21 has some great ponchos for super cheap.


Anonymous said...

Werd Up. Ponchos have always been cool and totally convenient. I think everyone should have to get away with practically wearing a blanket in public.

Shini said...

owh my, the poncho is absolutely scrumptioussss, you have such a great sense of layering btw. (Oh obviously not talking about THIS specific post, but I sorta scrolled down and down and down and into the next page...)

Pj said...

Wow you rock that poncho pretty well !