yeah, you think i'd have this figured out by now...


maybe santa will make it all better with a nice new shiny 12 megapixel camera xoxo

my favorite trench. it's perfect. not that you can tell... but it will definitely be making more appearances in hopefully clearer shots. vintage. prolly one of my favorite vintage pieces ever.... tied with my chest/trunk.

went out last night... first time in a longlong time... saw a band, a loungesouthernrockacidjazz band? and they were good. really good. grabbed a bite to eat... all in all a two hour outing, maybe two and half??? how did that happen??? well, it was still fun...


vintage trench, vintage flannel, love quotes scarf, uo cigarette jeans, givenchy boots, eileen fisher cross body and jewelry that you can't see anyway cuz of my sucky pix


Pierrot le Fou said...

cool outfit, love the look of the photos too!

wow, interesting sounding band, i haven't been to a proper gig in forever

Valencia Lia said...

love love your outfit and don't worry your photos and a new camera will be yours in no time!

kirstyb said...

loving the checked x