this ain't no place to fall behind

i'm such a lover, but sometimes life just eats us up...
and sometimes just walking down the street can break your heart.
and sometimes remembering feels like time travel.
and sometimes dreaming feels like living.
and living like faking.

(secondhand dress & vest-goodwill, vintage bass boots-chrissypoovintage -etsy, vintage armani sunnies)
and sometimes it's hard to keep your own rhythm,
but i try

(... just speaking my mind)


Anonymous said...

sabella, and what a truly " ... beautiful mind" it tis, babe --- reflective in not only your "natural poetry" but both beautifully in seemingly your effortlessly, wondrously "unique style & rhythm (of those lovely, so expressive words)!" you never cease to amaze! keep rockin'! :) <333


Closet Fashionista said...

LOVEEE the outfit!! :D Those shoes are so cool! :D

Ashley said...

I'm loving your boots and sunglasses, and these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

I love it when you speak your mind gorgeous lady!


Elena S. said...

i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute - love the pics! DEF following you ♡ love the concept !
id love for you to check out my blog. I currently have a giveaway hosted with www.shipmyshades.com for a hot pair of prada sunglasses. Hope you'll enter

xo elena


Kimberellie said...

you are just so profound. adore your blog. wish mine was more like it in a way. you are just so very authentic and fantastic.

ps. awesome outfit.

TASHA B said...

great outfit post yet again!

love your blog!


jemina said...

WOW, your Sunnies!!!! your boots!!!!, I love the whole look, effortlessly chic and fabulous :)), xoxo

Anonymous said...

great summer outfit! love the shoes. and you're right. now that i'm not eating much processed food, i crave fruit ALL the time

Alecto said...

"and sometimes just walking down the street can break your heart." <-- ain't it the truth.

that waistcoat/vest ties this whole outfit together perfectly. and i realy dig the red(ish) brown(ish) boots.

Emilie said...

Cool pics and great outfit!

drollgirl said...

love your echo park shots. beautiful shots, beautiful YOU, and beautiful words.

p.s. i can relate to what you wrote...completely.

Every Little Counts said...

echo park! i used to live right around the corner... before i moved back to nyc last fall. we had such a nice view of the lake.

Royal said...

so cute

apparellel said...

so true sabella. a guru i know is always telling me how blessed i am to be as sensitive as i am. i sure don't feel like it's a blessing sometimes. it hurts. if you need to vent you can always e-mail me sweet one.


p.s. love your boots!

Anonymous said...

I love busted up brown boots, worn in and comfortable as hell. Plus your floaty dress looks splendid with this ensemble!


J. said...

Love the look but love the words even more...

chrissypoovintage.etsy.com said...

I am seriously smitten with this blog and feel honored to have my boots be a part of your amazing journey!!!


chrissypoovintage.etsy.com said...

I am so smitten with your blog and style and just feel honored to have my boots part of the journey.