her head is always in the clouds...

wow... what happened to this week? man, it went by fast.... i didn't do half of what i told myself i was gonna... oh well... i did go dancing with the grrls... and let me tell ya... it's been a while... my legs are feel'n it haha

so this dress was $18 on etsy...
the sleeves ~swoons~

hope everyone has a great weekend... i'm hoping to make it to the beach xo

vintage dress-TheVintageSideShow etsy shop, aa bra, jeffrey campbell litas-nastygal, velvet ribbon choker, big round sunnies-ebay, rings-maya, clare vivier la tropezienne tote


Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving this tie dye off the shoulder slouchy dress! Looks great with the Litas, the setting and love the shot with the Litas and the flowers :)


Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love that dress! :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment darling!

I totally love your look...great post!


fashion westie said...

That dress is fricken wicked. I love the tie dye, the sloppiness the SLEEVES. With the tan Lita's and a hazy day-perfect.

Anonymous said...

------------ *dream(y)lover* -----------

her head seems, always, in the clouds
so starry-eyed, lovely dreamer, is she -
tho' this world, oftentimes, seems so cold
with her, there is e'er, wondrous beauty!

so may she ne'er, lose her marvelous, magic
as god knows, we need believe, in true love -
and some sweet day, yes, keepin' the faith
may she be blessed, with so heavenly, love!!!
:D <333


Anonymous said...

(oops, sorry, meant revised version!) :)

------------ *dream(y)lover* -----------

her head, seems always, in the clouds
so starry-eyed, lovely dreamer, is she-
tho' this world, oftentimes seems, so cold
with her, there is e'er, wondrous beauty!

so may she ne'er, lose her marvelous magic
as god knows, we need believe, in true love-
and some sweet day, yees, keepin' the faith
be blessed with amour, from heaven above!!!
:D <333


beryl said...

wow love this dressed up boho outfit, the litas are obviously amazing and the dress is beautiful


Vera said...

I know, time's flying by so fast for me as well! That dress is such an incredible find and you're rocking those shoes! xo

Miss M said...

that dress was a great find!

+Miss M+

Patrick said...

greatest legs in this universe...

Kim Barbie said...

great outfit, I love the dress.

Raji said...

Love this look
That dress looks like an absolute dream, and you wear it so well

Violetta E. said...


rouli said...

amazin dress

looooooooooove it


Hanna said...

the dress is stunning!! lovee these shots!

Anonymous said...

Love that dress. My favourite colour Lita's as well! The week has gone past mega quick xx

The Factory said...

you have that extra sense of style.
we wish you

Happy Easter!!


NinaSafada said...

Oh my god! :) You look gorgeous!! :))
I love outfits that are kinda hippie like...yeaaah! :P
Coolness! :)
Have a great weekend! xoxo

One Girl's Wanderlust / Moda de la Mode said...

Love the boho feel to this look and OMG your boots are fantastic I really want a pair!! Love it!!



Royal said...

soo cute

hannah said...

the top paired with the shoes = perfection. LOVE!



ANN said...

That dress is sooo good!

Alecto said...

The animal print shorts are actually from urban outfitters! They were on sale last time I checked! And that is, in fact, a robot tattoo :-) He goes with me everywhere and is quite the conversation opener (which I never considered). I love your comments, by the way. I always leave the interweb with such a smile on my face. Thanks for the love, pretty lady:-)

the nyanzi report said...

i love your style. great pictures too.

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Oh my goodness. I need that dress. Like, now.

strawberry freckleface

kiakiakiakia said...

Lovin your dress and those shoes are to die for :)

sara l said...

WOW this outfit is amazing! love it!!!

Anonymous said...


truly God, is so definitely awesome, and so amazing
creating beauty, beyond our most, wildest of dreams-
from majestic mountains, wildly wondrous waterfalls
from lovely beaches, to grand canyons, it so seems...

truly no limit, to utterly fantastic, bounteous beauty
all-time fave, if so beg, yes, my dear, sweet pardon-
so breathtakingly beheld, seeming average day in cali
so divine symphony of beauty, street corner garden!
:D <333

Alex Adamson said...

lovely simplicity !


Nadine Flatt said...

this looks so beautiful!

Sid said...

love your outfit!

STARR said...

Looks so breezy I love it! Really thinking about some taupe shoes for summer.

Six Six Sick said...

Love the tie-dye dress, an amazing vintage find!

A La Mode said...

This is such an awesome outfit. That first photo of you is pure stunning!

Ag said...

Love love LOVE these photos and the JC shoes!

FashionJazz said...

Stunning dress! Happy Monday xx

John P. said...


ediot said...

brilliant look girl! you look fantastic. i love love the photos.
hope you had a good weekend

Prutha said...

love the tie die dress!!!


Lacey said...

loveeeeeeeeeee this dress!!!

Isabel said...

that dress was such a great deal!

Adele said...

You look great in very relaxed hippie beach style clothes; the hair and sunglasses pull it together perfectly.

Arlie said...

the dress is amazing!!!!

agnes said...

super look, et j'adore ta robe.

Tes photos sont magnifiques

Ashley said...

stunning outfit. and i am in love with those sunglasses


Vixen-23 said...

Beautiful . That dress is so lovely

Ashley said...

I need those taupe Lita's! And that dress - how was it only $18?? Best buy ever!


cravingyou said...