fiesta bowl

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went to the brewery artwalk on sunday.  saw some old friends, nursed a gin & tonic in the warm sun and did mucho people watching... good times.

like my sweater?  i've only shredded one arm so far... so many projects goin right now...

wearing slip-goodwill, sweater-secondhand trade crossroads, beanie-handmade by my momma(custom order here), jeffrey campbell litas, bag-thrift store in san diego, necklace-custom ax & apple, rayban wayfarer


brown rice, white northern beans, collard greens, tomatoes, orange bell pepper, red onion, vegan sour cream or regular sour cream, chili paste, olives & a sprinkle of quinoa for texture

i try to eat healthy, but sometimes i don't want to spend so much time in the kitchen.  so lately i've been making a pot of rice/quinoa and a pot of beans(any kind, i've been rotating) in the beginning of the week and keeping them in the fridge for quick, easy and yummy homemade meals.  i find the easiest way to do the beans is in a crock pot because after you get it started it doesn't need to be babysat and you don't need to soak them.  i use one small bag of beans, wash them and add water till it is a couple inches over the beans.  after an hour i add about a quarter/half an onion, a bunch of fresh garlic and sea salt (i love pink himilayan) to taste.  remember to add water as you go because it evaporates.  it only takes a couple of hours and lasts all week.  the rice and quinoa (i rotate between the two) takes about 20-30 minutes and is perfect with the beans.  it will also last all week.  make sure you cover it well so it doesn't dry out.  all you have to do is sauteed any veggies you like and throw it on top with condiments/toppings of your choice (olives, cilantro, peperoncinis, sour cream and hot sauce are my favorites).  you can also put all the same ingredients in a burrito to mix it up.  yum fiesta bowls!


Alice {the CosmicCollage} said...

So pretty :)
Beans are a STAPLE in my house! I make a pot of beans almost every week and we can have them for a few meals ( in a variety of ways) during the week. So easy and healthy. That plate looks delicious! I haven't been brave enough to make the quinoa...yet! I like it but have never made it. I think I will tho :)

t said...

Great outfit!


Yuka said...

loving the sweater!

Isquisofrenia said...

sounds cool! and you look awesome as always

kathy said...

adore the outfit!
the shredded sweater looks amazing :)

Georgia said...

loving the outfit! i cant eat healthy for the life of me!
http://georgiahollyedwards.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfit and the shredded sweater is lovely!!
Good food tips, I have to try it myself!!


Simona said...

Love everything in this post!:)

Alecto said...

mmmm perfect slouchy goodness. i really like the last photo:)

and i need to come over to your house more often; that dish looks DELICIOUS.

EverythingPrettyGirls said...

I do the same thing with quinoa.. i make a huge batch and then mix different things during the week.

LOVE your heels!

xo everything-pretty.com

rachel said...

When I read the title of this post, food was the first thing that came to mind. (I think this might be a trend in my life) Anything that can be referred to as a fiesta is good in my book. P.S. thanks for the cooking tips, because my ass really needs to learn some good recipes. Oh and DUH, cute fuckin outfit! I really enjoy the one shredded arm of the sweater. and is that pony hair on the litas? WOW.

Serendipity Max said...

Love this look.

That food looks super yummy. I'm a useless cook. I wish I was any good. I used to have a teeny kitchen so I used that as my excuse but now my kitchen is bigger than my bedroom I can't use that excuse anymore!


p.s. I posted the stickers for the project to you today so you should get them soon :)

Krista said...

I'm digging what you did to your sweater! Who would have thought to try that? You are looking pretty fantastic in these photos and that meal looks simple and delicious!

alexys oliver said...

yum. i love beans but i have been really into hominy lately too!
i almost went to the brewery! it's right in my hood.
hit me up if you want to shoot stuff together or meet up.

beneath the glass said...

love this look! totally my style! i know what you mean, i have so many projects to do, gotta find time for them all!

your rice looks yummy, will have to try it out!

Beneath the Glass

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Great outfit...amazing shooting

J. said...

MMmmmm...your outfit and the beans! I do something sort of similar but add kale and sometimes sweet potato slices...

Constance said...




Caitie said...

i love your cardigan!


HannahBiggs said...

Amazing outfit. Love how its really laid-back but lovely. Just my style. Great blog.
H x


ola said...

thank you for your sweet comments hun. i love this effortless look on you. great styling darling!


TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

absolutely cool!!!...fab outfit...great pics

Michele said...

Such a cool outfit. Really like the slouchy cardigan and that lovely slip dress! And that food looks super yum. I've never even cooked quinoa. The Netherlands are more of a potato type country haha!

Chelsea Jade said...

I love this cardigan!! x

francisdodson said...

Love this outfit! So relaxed but done up at the same time. I love how you've shredded the arm of the cardi, it looks amazing! & that's such a gorgeous slip x

Kelly Malka said...

i looove this outfit, so cool and very effortless looking. love the glasses and litas with it too! you look awesome