connected fest

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dimepiece blouse/girls in platforms/me not quite awake/that guitar!!!/love me some flannel/me waiting for the porta potty/at the insight booth/unif madness/hellraisers/my favorite look of the day-i'd rock it in entirety

some photos the boy and i took at connected fest on saturday.  had a good time people watching, getting a few awesome deals(there were MANY to be had, i was being "good"), listening to music and working up an appetite for the vegetarian feast that i didn't know i was going to prepare...

and no i didn't get the hellraisers...  i just couldn't get myself to.  it seemed as though every single person was there on the sole mission of obtaining them.  i will probably regret it.

i definitely recommend hitting it up next time if you are in los angeles... keep connected here.  ohh and thanks yuka for posting the flyer... i wouldn't have my awesome lace-up one teaspoon jacket if it wasn't for you :)

wearing ollld thermal stolen from the bf, ksubi jeans-goodwill, jeffrey campbell gene boots-ebay, rayban sunglasses, earrings-vestige by miss m etsy, choker-molten relic


Marlena said...

Looks like a perfect way to spend a weekend- I wish Chicago had more of those events. Christ that girls leopard platforms- insane- but in an awesome way. I'd definitely roll my ankle, but who cares. They're beautiful.

And love how your boy dressed, I want his sweater and hat! If I were you I'd totally be raiding his closet all the time ;)

Alecto said...

i was looking at the hellraisers not too long ago but they were basically sold out everywhere. which made me not want them anymore :/ for being half asleep you look gorgeous, madame.

Caitie said...

looks like such a fun time!


Violet E. said...

i love these photos <3

kathy said...

the atmosphere seems amazing!
looks like you had an awesome time :)
haha thanks for your comment - you can definitely post them up on tumblr if you want

upside gold said...

love your outfit!!!

goodbadnfab@gmail.com said...

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rouli said...

wish i was there too!

Tegan said...

LOVE that second photo, creepers, hellbounds, what more could you want?!?!


Serendipity Max said...

Amazing. This looks so good. I love all the flannel shirts. But I probably have wayy too many as it is!


Georgia said...

wow this looks amazing to go to!
england is shit, why don't we have cool things like this!?

Yuka said...

awww im so sad i missed you!!

iola said...
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iola said...

Exquisite in every way!sunglasses hut