beach daze

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wearing cheap monday broadband bikini top still available here in here in limited sizes, nastygal cruz bikini bottom, ollld jet by john eshaya cardigan, topshop tank, chucks, unif shadys from dollskill, vanessa mooney necklace & thrifted messenger

first beach day this summer... first of many

somehow i just feel more me in open air

lovin this bikini top... if you don't want your top coming off when you dive in this one is great... and the bottoms well... yeah i kinda just love them...  super comfy and they also come in red and mint.  yay for odd tan lines :)  annnd i love these unif sunglasses... definitely want them in black as well now.  my summer staples are quickly coming together...


oooooh also been listing lots of new stuff in the shoppe


Taylor said...

Umm... Uou are seriously such a BABE, far out! And those sunnies are so rad + they suit your face shape too!!


J. said...

Gorgeous! You make me need sand...

Lisa Petrarca said...

Love that suit! Stop by and check out the HUGE waves that we had the day after the Lifeguard (HERO) drowned saving someone. So sad...but it's easier to understand how it happened with the size of these waves.