the girl with the black velvet ribbon around her neck

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in high school i often tied a ribbon or cord around my neck.  it is simple and i love chokers.  might be bringing it back in a big way.

reminds me of this story from this book.  it was a favorite of mine as a lil grrl.  i told it on a date when i was wearing a ribbon around my neck... that didn't go over so well...


i'm kind of obsessed with tumblr.  here is mine.  if you have one share the wealth :)

wearing vintage daisy velvet dress- some velvet vintage etsy, jeffrey campbell nation boots, rings-elizabeth & james and pamela love, sunnies-etsy


rouli said...

<3 u

Closet Fashionista said...

Love this! The black ribbon also reminds me of Cinderella, haha, she wears one at the ball ;)

ASH said...

i love chokers too. you have flawless skin dear. x

Alecto said...

before i even read anything i was automatically thinking of the exact. same. story. i used to read those stories to my brothers at bed time so they'd be quiet. i kinda wanna pet your dress...but not in a weird way.

Serendipity Max said...

Love that ring.

I'm already following you :) my tumblrs lablount.tumblr.com


the goorgeous said...

cute ribbon! have a crush on your rings!

Audrey Leighton said...

Go for it!
Love these photos :)

Be Frassy

Ioana-Carmen said...

all black never fail :) like it! Check my blog and follow me if you want!


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love this dress pretty lady!

& the jewelry from my store is all just metal. xo

Y además sombreros said...

Pues te queda muy bien tu cita alrededor del cuello.

Georgia Giraffina said...

Stunning & chic!
Glad I found your blog, love your style & following now!
See you soon!
Flower Show

rachel said...

I used to wear a thick ribbon around my neck based on the same story! never had a chance to scare a date away with it though. Beautiful


Yuka said...

love all black. omg i totally remember that story! i completely forgot about it too!

Violet E. said...

Absolutely beautiful

Fabliha said...

amazing - I love that necklace and those sunglasses :)

Isabel Spectre said...

OH MY GOD! I totally thought of that same story when you said that you've tied a ribbon on your neck! haha. that story always freaked me out, even though I knew the ending!! you look so great here <3

Moda de la Mode said...

These images are lovely and I too remember the time when I tied ribbons around my neck. I think you should reinvent the trend...it could be huge.

Ms. Smart said...

better keep that ribbon on. :)
looking good.

DIVYA! said...

nice outfit!


please like my page :) :)


Brittany Vitale said...

love this entry, I've gone back to my choker wearing ways as well.