holly, kate & laura

i love holly hobbie.  it goes back to my childhood... i had the table and chairs, a tea set and a doll.  the table set got by far the most use as i used to sit at it for hours on end drawing .  my love for holly still runs deep and has to be the reason for my obsession with patchwork.

(if anyone can help me find this holly with her black kitty i'd be much obliged... it doesn't have to be the mug.)

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when i was clicking through the recent rodarte show i realized it reminded me of my ole lil friend holly...

it was my favorite show by far.  i've been a fan of kate and laura since i can remember and the spring 2010 is still killing me softly.  i've read reviews and apparently some people think the rodarte ladies are going in a more commerical direction, in other words... wearable.  i personally like to wear my clothes so that doesn't bother me in the slightest. don't most people incorporate pieces into their wardrobes and mix them with other things creating personalized looks?  and therefore isn't how 'wearable' (whatever that means) something is partially up to the wearer?  and how often do you see someone in wonderful, dreamy, romantic and strong get-ups like these...

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if this is wearable, then i've been converted...

i really really love the hair.  nothing like a do inspired by the ladies of yesteryear.  it was fun and cute with the romantic messiness that i so love.  and the massive star barrettes?  ohhh yes, take me to the moon!

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and the shoes... both my fetish for chunky leather boots and grrly mary-janes lives on in one shoe.  the joy!

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so bravo bravo kate & laura, you shall clothe me in my dreams!


holly hobbie photos via siouxsie law/artie fart's etsy


Closet Fashionista said...

I love this collection, and now that you mention it I do see the resemblance, haha

siouxsiel said...

This is such a great collection. Those boot/mary janes are incredible. And I'm stealing their barrette idea -- the ones that look like an entire pack of bobby pins.

Moda de la Mode said...

I love the connection you have made, I wouldn't have picked up on it otherwise but it is so true.

Love the unique take on fashion week


the goorgeous said...

first look is INSANE!

Raji said...

This collection is beautiful, the perfect mix of wearable and fantastical
I adore the hair too

J. said...

Seriously, an amazing collection...I'm good with this kind of wearable.

iola said...

oh my gosh!! so pretty & fun!!!!!sunglasses hut