i think it's a night for the library

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so jump off a cliff with me... i'm ready to get out of this lil blogger bubble. i mean all of us have a bubble right?  what pictures we are comfortable posting, how we look, what we will or won't write about...

i started blogging for lighthearted fun... it was a stressful time for me and i just thought it might be fun.  but the truth is i am not very "lighthearted".  i'm kind of an extremist in some ways i guess. and so being lighthearted has become a bit anemic.  it feels fake.  not that i'm fake, i just mostly don't say what's on my mind.  there are a few reasons... 1/ cuz this is the internet and i just didn't want to approach it that way when i first started blogging, 2/ cuz i often live alone in my mind, it's been my safe sacred place and 3/ like i said it was a stressful time and i just wanted to do something not very taxing.  but things change which is normal and i feel like i have some friends here.

so welcome to my heavy hearted place on the net!  haha

anyhow... onto things that REALLY matter...

you really should watch this video.  i love stylelikeu & tavi

and here is one of my all time fav stylelikeu videos of kristine barilli

these are my two all time favorite fashion inspirations... quirky/grrly & goth...  so there you have that

ok, so not gonna get deep on y'all taday... hope you liked the videos

wearing all secondhand cept tights.  j crew sweater & plus size top as dress-goodwill, harley davidson boots-tunnel vision, tights-olllld u.o.


Federica said...

nice boots:):):)

Simona said...

Nice photos!:)

Vix said...

Don't be heavy-hearted, you're too fabulous for all that. Love those boots and the contrast with the pretty flowers. x

kathy said...

love your outfit!
also love the video of tavi, i seriously can't believe how young she is and how successful she is. i mean to be an editor in your own magazine before you're even an adult is quite an accomplishment

Joseph Dang said...

I think its quite interesting to see you open up more about yourself :)

Anonymous said...

amazing look!

Self-Dressed said...

Like your stripped skirt!


Sootjeelina said...

I love these! Your shoes and sweater ar great.
And I love Tavi too, she has a great style

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Michele said...

First of all, killer boots. Secondly, I TOTALLY get what you're saying. I am that way too. Sometimes I feel like such a fake, trying to be al bubbly and whatnot. But yeah I really like your pics and writing style and it has a real vibe to it, so I would be sad if you stopped..

rachel said...

first things first: i saw those boots on tunnel vision, loved them, wondered if i could squeeze my big feet into them, and then bypassed. My feet are thanking me, and i'm so glad they went to a loving home.

Secondly, I feel you about the apparent fakeness, I try to put as much of my real personality/voice into my blog as possible, but inevitably there will be a slight disconnect because of the medium. Sometimes it feels out of place to write about super weighty stuff, because, honestly, i think a lot of people aren't interested in reading it. For instance, I wrote a long post about womens rights/rush limbaugh being a total asshole, and then deleted it in fear of perhaps being 'too heavy.' perhaps ill rewrite it soon. Conversely, writing about the positive aspects of my life can actually act to make me be more of a positive person in general, sorta like how they say smiling will make you feel happy?


p.s. sorry this is the longest comment OF ALL TIME

RA said...

u look stunning my dear <3

Magnet said...

Damn, I guess I didn't get the memo about style blogs being 'light'. Sometimes my blog feels so real.. I almost feel bad for dumping so much shit on the readers haha, but then I think.. "eh, whatever, I pay $72 for this thing every year, if I want to rant for 365 days a year, SO BE IT" and if people want to read that, that's nice of them :)

Oh, btw, I like the outfit.. and hmm, that second video, that lady is pretty stylish.

TheMinx said...

love this post. your style is so killer :)

GlamorousGirl said...



V A N E S S A said...

Love your pictures and your boots, thanks for open up a little bit more about yourself ;).


Anonymous said...

you're so cute
and Tavi is pretty awesome

Ros.E. said...

I love your style...
your outfits are so cool!!!

your tumblr, too!
xxx Ros.e.